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Cyber Security Services

Syntenex can assist your organization to drastically reduce its exposure to security threats based on our intrusion prevention, detection, and repair services.
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Forensics & Data Breach

Syntenex responds quickly to security incidents that may have compromised your confidential information. Syntenex also investigates claims of fraud, financial misconduct, cybercrime, etc.
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Regulatory Compliance

Organizations are held accountable for accuracy and integrity in their operations, and they must have effective and reliable governance and compliance procedures in place.
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Disaster Recovery

Network Disasters can happen due to hardware failures, human errors, or natural disasters.  Either way, Syntenex can prepare a Disaster Recovery Plan that suits your business’ needs.
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Health Information Management

lth information is extremely important in a commercial and medical setting.  It’s your responsibility to protect patients personal health records from unauthorized eyes at all costs.
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VoIP Telecommunications

Syntenex can design a telecommunications plan for your business, which will allow for greater flexibility and adaption; at the same time, we can virtualizing your own device to any location.
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